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Nov. 2014

Long-overdue update of the site - urgently required in light of the mutual exhibition planed for the first weekend in December in the Nassauer Stall, Schloss Wickrath, together with my artist friend Dagmar Grützmacher (cf. LINK).

Dec. 2012

My long-standing friendship with Lothar Sütterlin brought about that my Estelle portrait (GALLERY) together with four of my other works were shown at the exhibition Head-to-Head-to-Head. This exhibition was organized and arranged by Lothar and both French and German artist friends of his at the Gold-Kraemer-Stiftung in Frechen, a neighboring town of Cologne. Next February this exhibition will travel to Thionville, the partnertown of Bensberg, Lothar's home base.

Mar. 2011

The exhibition in the Gallery A24 had a very positive echo in our regional newspaer, the Kölner Stadtanzeiger (sorry - it’s written in German) and I was very satisfied with my personal  success. The stimulating discussions with new and old artists friends  has given me a big boost in continuing with my work on realistic  portraits.

Dec. 2010

The November bazar was a colorful affair (actually, a Christmas bazaar) - and  quite successful. Especially, because of a chance renewal of an old friendship with an artist friend of mine. He immediately invited me to  exhibit ‘Estelle’ and one or two other of my portraits at an event of  his artist friends in Bergisch Gladbach. They will show their recent artwork with special emphasis on the development of man (’menschauf - menschab, Positionen zum Menschenbild’). The exhibition will take place in Gallery A24, Technology Park, Moitzfeld, and starts on January 27, 2011.

Oct. 2010

One month from now, on Nov. 12 through 14, the terre des hommes section of Bergisch Gladbach will present an art exhibition at the local Buergerhaus Bergischer Loewe. I will have an individual stand presenting  my portrait art.

Jan. 2010

The book Mit Winnie in  Kattendonk (“With Winni in Kattendonk”) came out last December. Written by my friend Beate Felten-Leidel,   I was delighted to get to illustrate it with pencil sketches. Yesterday, Beate had her first public reading  up North in Grefrath  - and it was a big success. The poetic Kattendonk is actually this town of Grefrath in the lower Rhine region where Beate was born and had spent her youth.
You can see some of  the sketches from ”our” book by clicking into GALLERY.

Oct. 2008

Another coincidence (and delightful experience) brought about that the ballet paintings were shown for a second time. Together with my pumpkins and a number of animal portraits, they decorated the French wine bistro Blanc de Blanc here in Cologne in the time between August 1 and the end of September. The owner, Elke Brumby, and Prodomos Temperekidis regularly organize art exhibitions in their bistro and, just as regularly, small concerts (always on the first Saturday of each month).
The occasion for this exhibition was that Jan Leidel,  husband of my very good friend Beate Felten-Leidel, celebrated the end to his professional career in this lovely bistro.

Sep.  2007

An update of my site was to have happened much sooner. But painting itself and the surrounding activities require much more time than the hours of a day allow. No matter - you can now view an entirely new area of my art work: The Dance.
It was coincidental and a delightful experience that brought me together with a dance school in Bonn. This struck a chord that  sounded back to my early youth when I took ballet for ten years, later  modern dance for three and much later play acting in musical  productions.
Back in my youth all my school notebooks were covered with  sketches of toe-shoed legs and heads with chignons. And, even now, the  French terms in ballet are still vivid enough in my mind that when the  directions are given my feet feel they still know what to do.
The many facets of dance, from the darling ”pre-dancers“ to the ongoing professionals, caught my fancy directly. The paintings will be shown in late Fall.

Nov. 2006

A short film showing me at work(cf. PAINTING) is presented within the popular TV program ”Tiere suchen ein Zuhause” (animals in search for a  new home).

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