Vita - CMR



Born 1942 in New York City



High School diploma in Wilton,  Connecticut



Bachelor of Arts in economics and art from Trinity College, Washington, D.C.



Living in Cologne, Germany, since  1974



Artistic Education  and Creative Activities



Study of commercial art with the Famous  Artists School (Westport, Connecticut)



Course in visualization (1/½ yrs.) with  Christa Feuerberg, Cologne



Four years of stage and props design and  manufacturing for musical performances in Connecticut and, later for the WDR (Cologne)



Since 1996 special focus on oil painting  with major emphasis on the techniques and pictorial aspects of the Old  Masters



Courses at Academy of Fine Arts (Summer Academy),  Düsseldorf, under
Wolfgang Marx (Vienna), Stephan Kaluza (Düsseldorf), Alexander  Danov (Moscow)



Further courses under Wolfgang Marx in  Austria and Patrick Devonas (NRW 2011, Seeg/Allgäu 2012, Surava/Switzerland 2013)



Mutual exhibitions: Head-to-Head-to-Head at the Gold-Kraemer-Stiftung, Frechen (Dec 2012) and in Thionville, France (Feb. 2013); Altmeisterliches & Gegenständliches im Nassauer Stall, Schloss Wickrath, Mönchen-Gladbach (2014)



Numerous portraits of people and animals (grown-ups and children; horses, dogs, cats) - see GALLERY






Book illustrations (Covers and internal illustrations) for various publishers:



    Romiosini Verlag, Cologne 1984
    Südwest Verlag, Munich 2000
    Ravensburger Buchverlag, Ravensburg 2000
    Mercator-Verlag, Duisburg 2009