Each portrait is the result of completely different circumstances and challenges.
The ideal patron might ask me to base my painting on multiple efforts involving a live-sitting and photo-shooting. This might even involve making several layouts from which the final version is chosen. Someone else might simply want the painting to be an enlarged replicate of a photo taken with their own camera - whereby I must inject that such photos must be of sufficient quality to enable a pictorial execution (lighting, perspective, clarity).

If you are interested and have a concrete concept of what you would like me to paint for you, it doesn’t cost anything to ask! And my  prices are quite reasonable as you will see when you compare them with any exhibits of similar merit.

Someone whose advice I truly appreciate once told me:
Either you ask for, and receive, a fair price for your work or just give it away as a present - there’s no other way to avoid bad feelings. 

You can send me an e-mail by a simple MOUSECLICK.

Caroline M. Riedel
Bahnstr. 39
50858 Cologne, Germany